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Spring Collection – New Wall Stickers & Decals!

April 17, 2009

Spring is already here and with it brings 45 new wall stickers and decals for our spring collection. We’ve added two new sections : Baroque and Bespoke and added a lot of new stickers to each existing section. Baroque adds a bit of class to any room including our new headboard stickers. Bespoke adds something personal that you can add yourself like our bespoke letters. We’ve posted a few photos below but to see our full range please visit the main site at Spin Collective – Wall decals and stickers!

Happy stickering! 🙂


Our wall stickers, decals and graphics…

November 3, 2008

Another quick post to bring you up to date on our wall stickers!

For those of you who have never seen/used or even heard of wall stickers….! In a nutshell, they are an alternative to wallpaper except unlike most wallpaper they are extremely easy to apply and easy to remove. Made from high quality matt vinyl, they are cost effective in adding a touch of glamour, a bit of chic or just a cool statement to any plain wall. So there you have it – we will add a post shortly with our simple instructions of how to apply them and then you can see for yourself how easy it is…..!

We currently have 3 sections of stickers : NatureGraphic and Children’s with each section containing a wide variety of stickers ranging from butterflies and flowers to barcodes and dust bunnies! Each sticker comes in a choice of 16 colours including Gold and Silver and various sizes to suit a variety of rooms. More sections will be coming shortly (as soon as i bring this blog up to date!)…. so watch this space! 🙂

P.S Currently on my wall at home is the Asteroid set as i love anything retro (especially games), so expect more of anything and everything retro in the future…